Apropos - Very Appropriate To A Particular Situation!

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What does Apropos mean?

The word Apropos has several meanings & definitions. Here are a few examples taken from the English dictionary;

Definition of Apropos

  • Adverb - fitting, opportunely, to the purpose (latin), translated from German means 'by the way'
  • Adjective - opportune, pertinent
  • Idioms - With reference to, in respect to, in regard to

Apropos Word originated in France, Google translates from French to English as 'About' so the word is also used in other languages too.

You may notice millions of french websites will use apropos for their about page and the url will look something like http://www.apropos.com/à-propos/

The french will use it with a hyphen like à-propos. It may also be mispelled as apropo, appropos but the correct spelling is apropos

An easy way to pronounce the word is like ap-ro-pos

The word/domain could have a purpose for many different reasons because it means 'Appropriate' with is a positive reference.

In business, Apropos could relate to many different things as it is a generic term. A Brand, A Service, A Tool or Information & Analytical Software. Apropos.com is the ideal Solution on the Web!